The Willamette Falls Heritage Area Coalition is a federally designated not-for-profit organization, with a 23-member board of directors representing key stakeholders and experienced professionals in government, business, industry, tourism, arts, heritage, historic preservation, and others. The WFHAC Board includes representatives from all six governments operating within the boundary (Metro, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Clackamas County, and the cities of Oregon City, Lake Oswego, and West Linn.)

Board Members 

Yvonne Addington                                           The Ice Age Floods Institute

Jody Carson                                                                Main Street West Linn

Carol Pauli                                                                       City of Oregon City

Eric Underwood (Alternate)                                           City of Oregon City

Mayor Russ Axelrod                                                             City of West Linn

Councilor Jenni Tan (Alternate)                                           City of West Linn

Annette Mattson                                                     Portland General Electric

Commissioner Martha Schrader                                      Clackamas County

Tribal Council Member Jon George  Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Stacia Martin (Alternate)                     Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Danielle Cowan                 Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs

Cheryl Snow - Treasurer                             Clackamas County Arts Alliance

City Councilor Jon Gustafson - Vice President            City of Lake Oswego

Jim Mattis - President                         Willamette Falls Heritage Foundation

Peggy Sigler - Secretary                         

Councilor Carlotta Collette                             Metro Regional Government

Penny Machinski                                              West Linn Paper Company

Marylou Colver                                     Lake Oswego Preservation Society

Jonathan Stone                                                      Main Street Oregon City

Claire Met                                                            Senior Center Oregon City

Norm King                                                           Former Mayor of West Linn

Alice Norris - Past President                          Former Mayor of Oregon City

Mike Watters - Past President                  Friends of the McLean House

Claire Blaylock   Executive-Director- Clackamas County Historical Society

Andy Cotugno                                                   Metro Regional Government

Ex Officio Board Members

Chrissy Curran, Interim Director, State Historic Preservation Office

Tracy Fortmann, Superintendent, National Park Service/Ft. Vancouver


Executive Director Siobhan Taylor

Executive Assistant Suzi Anderson