We manage Willamette Falls State Heritage Area and and we intend to create the first National Heritage Area in the Northwest!

The Willamette Falls Heritage Area Coalition is a partnership of many public, private, and nonprofit organizations that share a common passion for the Willamette Falls, its heritage, and the experiences of visitors to the falls from near and far.

A concerned and enthusiastic group of community leaders began meeting in 2006 and developed a shared vision:

To become a National Heritage Area that draws visitors from all over the world to experience and enjoy the stories, activities, and unique landscape of the Willamette Falls area at the end of the Oregon Trail.

Our Mission

Advocate for and strengthen the identity and economy of the communities around Willamette Falls by preserving, enhancing and promoting the nationally significant and distinctive stories of the area, while cultivating public-private partnerships to develop its
natural, cultural, industrial, scenic, recreational, and historic resources.